Illustration Friday: A-head

This could easily turn into a rant, but I’ll hold back…some.

At 53 I’ve lived long enough to realize that chasing  after eternal youth  won’t get you through life.  It’s too bad our society believes the hype that is all over the media telling women, especially,  that they need to maintain a façade of youth in order to stay at the party shaking their booties.  They seem  to be saying that if you lose  that dew drop skin you’ll be push to the sidelines and never participate in real life again.  I’m amazed at the extent that women will go to maintain that illusion.  The fact that women will go under the knife or unnecessarily inject themselves with the toxin Botox illustrates to what extent they believe the hype.  Well, if they will do that, they will probably buy what I’m “selling.”

I for one am going to enjoy every line that is added to my face.  They are the records of a life well lived. My booty can still shake with the best of them.

So I hope my illustration gets you to deepen your own laugh lines.  Enjoy!

Illustration Friday: A-head

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