Illustration Friday: Equipment

Equipment is every where in my classroom; computers, scanners, digital cameras.I teach digital art. I’m so blessed as a public school art teacher to have access to this wonderful technology. But this is also the time of year where I feel a little overwhelmed by it all. It always seems, that the end of the year, is when computers begin to crash, mice to no longer track with the cursor and my students begin to think that their computers have a mind of their own. We have a running joke to say, “Hi! Good little computer,” and pat the monitors on their “heads” each day just to keep everything running smoothly. It’s a karma thing. With the Illustrator Friday theme being equipment, it reminds me ,that at the heart of the matter ,technology is “equiped” by us. We, humans, make it all happen. Technology has not life of it’s own. So to stay in touch with my humanism this week, I’ve not used a computer to enhance my drawing except to post it. Drawing by hand it so relaxing.

Illustration Friday: Equipment

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