The Gulf Coast – Paisley / Ripple for IF

I didn’t know the connection between paisley and the ying yang symbol until I did a little research.  Some believe that the paisley motif is one half of the ying yang symbol.  This Buddhist  symbol, that represents opposing forces in life like life and death or  full and empty, is divided by a wave representing the tension between the two forces pushing or pulling against each other.
The images of paisley and ying yangbubbled around in my brain while I couldn’t let go of the “ripple” challenge of last week.  I so wanted to create something about the oil spill in the Gulf, but I had to deal with the last week of school – signing out seniors, giving final exams, the rush to turn in grades and close my classroom for the summer.  Though, during the rush to meet the needs of my students and complete everything I wanted, it hit me that is where the crisis in the Gulf began— in the tension between want and and need — a ying yang combination of different forces — our collective want of the life that oil gives us against the need for all of us in nature to live.  When one side breaks the balance, Katrina on the nature side or the BP oil spill on our part, the consequences are violent.  Both Katrina and the oil spill  have ripped up the cultures that exist around the Gulf Coast.  The BP spill has most definitely killed so many life forms.  What we’re left with are voids where life use to thrive.
I hope that all will thrive again.  That the Gulf Coast returns to it balance between man and nature and not slip into a permanent paisely of  emptiness.

The Gulf Coast – Paisley / Ripple for IF

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