Diary for Illustration Friday

To whom do we write when we keep a diary? I don’t think anyone really believes “Dear Diary” reads it. I haven’t kept a dairy after finding out my mother read it.  Only recently have I started to keep a sketchbook/journal.  I find it a great way to gel my thoughts, to pull them together and reflect on what I’m learning about life.  Yet, I wonder what will happen to my sketchbooks once I’m gone.  Will my family care about my ramblings?  Will they assume that they can finally understand me?  That my musings paint a complete picture of my life?  I think a dairy is like recording one’s shadow. A shadow sort of looks like us, but it’s a resemblance that changes as the changing light of day reveals our path through life.  A dairy paints a picture using a single color, a small range of the spectrum of one’s life. The artist/writer’s hand mixes it and distorts it. Oh the editing of what is left out!  Yes, it is just a point of view of the self but not a whole life. I’d like to think that anyone who picks up my sketchbook/journals finds them at least interesting even if they don’t record the life of  a world traveler or the thoughts of a philosopher.  I hope they can appreciate how often it’s the little moments that can have the most meaning and lead the artist/writer to a greater understanding of her life.

Diary for Illustration Friday

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