The Spot

There they stand
Scoping out the street
It’s just a spot on the sidewalk
To generations of
While the actors change
The spot remains
Like a city
That rebuilds it’s self
Over the remains
Of what’s left behind
It’s territory forever claimed
By those who
Would rather be there
Than no where
It is sure
Everyone knows the rules
Their place in the hierarchy of power
On this spot
Chances will be taken.
They’ll scheme
They’ll plan
Some will lose
Some will be lost
A few will get to reminisce
Bout their stopover
Fewer still
Will use it as a marker
Point to it and
Say Beware
The spot, however, marks them all.
Marks them
Like a tattoo listed as
A distinguishing mark
In a police record
They won’t be able to shake it
It will stand on their souls
As they stood on it.

The Spot

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