Artificial – Illustration Friday

FaceBook, Twitter, avatars and yes, of course, blogs all let us communicate without revealing our true selves.  What if the projected self became the norm and people avoided being in view?  Maybe we are slowly moving in the direction  where we wear our computer screens as a face mask when we leave home.  The screen could project the perfect us; the way we wish to be to meet what popular society thinks is idea.  When style changes our screens could easily be reprogrammed to match. We’d always be up to date in fashion and never grow old.  We wouldn’t have to worry about those personal differences which, while they make us unique, just aren’t appreciated because they aren’t the norm. Maybe we’d even settle into falling in love with each other’s avatar and not consider the person behind.  That way we’d each wed the idea man or woman.  How could we lose out? Ya think?

Artificial – Illustration Friday

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