Sketchbook Project 2011

This link  My Sketchbook will open a PDF file of the artwork I’ve drawn for Sketchbook Project 2011. You’ll virtually be able to flip through the pages of the book. The theme that I chose was First Thing In The Morning Last Thing At Night. I didn’t stop my illustrations at night. My story travels back to the beginning— or maybe the real start. After I completed the drawings,  I added the poem below.  Each line of the poem is illustrated as a double page spread.

First thing in the morning before the sun has completely risen
I wash away the night before
I rinse away my dreams
And begin my ever ordinary day
I place out my costume
Arrange my mask
And leave behind the collection of things that tell the tale but not the truth
For I am more than a life stored behind a door
I venture out
And back in
Struggling with the those like me
Moving about their day
Consumed by wants unaware of their needs
Listening to the teller of tales that seem so far away
But at night
When kissed by dreams
The curtain is raised
On a life unseen
Vision is cleared
Self is transposed
Through an eye Divine
A new puzzle appears
To choose to sail upon the changing surface
Or fly beyond
Or get lost inside it all
Whatever I choose I will be safe
No matter the consequence
For the Hand is always there
So I stand on the edge
With all the possibilities before me
I jump

Just before I finished I came across this poem by Rumi that I think relates.

Rumi wrote:

A candle is made to become entirely flame
In that annilhilating momment
it has no shadow

It is nothing but a tongue of light
describing a refuge.

Look at this
Just finishing candle stub
as someone who is finally safe
from virtue and vice,

the pride and
shame we claim from those

I have never been a flame,
But a drop
merging with consciousness?
That I can do
That I have done
That I am

Sketchbook Project 2011

One thought on “Sketchbook Project 2011

  1. Very inspiring! Are you participating in the Fiction Project as well? I also submitted to the Sketchbook Project (but it wasn’t as AWESOME as yours :>) I decided to make up for my laziness and participate in the Fiction project as well…I wish I could see your sketchbook in real life!

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