“Sweater” for Illustration Friday

After a month of sunny days in the Bay Area, it’s winter again. Trees are in bloom. Their pink and white blossoms are hanging on through gusts of wind,  raging rain and bombardment by hail. I’d  suffered through my seasonal,winter to spring cold.  My turtleneck sweaters were all stack for storage.  I was in that spring time groove of bicycling in warm sunlight while breathing  deeply in rinsed cleaned air. Well… I’ll just get to experience all over again.  Another Spring!

My Illustration Friday entry may not be a sweater per say.  Hopefully a shawl is close enough.  They both create the same affect. Whether a bulky, turtleneck or a big, thick shawl, both offer a wall of defense against a draft or a chill.  What could be nicer than to doze in their cozy warmth as you bask in gentle sunlight falling through a window during a break in winter’s angry mood?

“Sweater” for Illustration Friday

2 thoughts on ““Sweater” for Illustration Friday

  1. Hi debra, WOW! I really love this drawing! The work put into this is amaaaazing and I just love the fluffy warm feeling of her shawl…i also love how the form of her rocking chair seems to conform to her shape and form. Really nice work. – cheerz, hazel ang ps. i would like to add you to my blog roll if that is ok with you 🙂

    1. Hi Hazel,
      Thanks for the comments. It was a fun drawing to do. I really kinda get all caught up in drawing little details like textures. As to my Sketchbook Project being awesome…I don’t know. It’s very kind of you to say, but I was blown away with the quality of work I saw as I was looking at samples at the Art House web site. There just so many great artist around the world willing to share their passion. I guess by you comments you were able to look at my pdf file of my sketchbook. Were you able to make a pdf of your own sketchbook? If so, please email me your file. I’d like to see your work too. I went to your web site and took a look some of your sketches for Illustration Friday. I really enjoyed your “Surrender” The expression on the woman’s face is really captivating. You have a real control of line. Good luck with your Fiction Project.

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