SHADES for Illustration Friday

It is such a common sight, as I drive from work, to see a group of young men hanging out in the neighborhood  surrounding the high school where I work.  Some of them I know. They were previous students of mine.  The stance is always the same; one eye on each other and their other eye on the look out.  They’re always aware of the action taking place on the street.   So much is at stake.

Sometime I honk and wave at  the one’s I know.  Sometime I just wonder where they’re headed. I’ve known a few who never made it out the neighborhood.  One that stays with me because he died so young; killed after starting a family and trying to get out.  Once you’re in … sometimes there’s only one way out.

Yet I know each of these young men are like the values scales I have them practice. Depending on the pressure put on them, they change to be a different shade ; in the classroom so bright and fun, on the street — darker.  If only  the darker side could be erased away to reveal what I think is the truer shade.

I really like this prompt.  Here’s another image I doodled this week.

SHADES for Illustration Friday

3 thoughts on “SHADES for Illustration Friday

  1. Terrific illustration. You really captured that street personality which is so often a front for just a bunch of regular guys struggling in a difficult environment. And your written description is really well done, too. Great job!

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