SWAMP for Illustration Friday

Swamps are messy things. They’re wild and untamed, life unfettered.  This is a great prompt for me right now.  I hours away from Spring Break and the daily grind of teaching high school students.  While I love my students, I also need time away from the regimen of the classroom.  My swamp image reflects my mental need to let loose.  I’ve  thrown together this image using a variety of techniques. It’s a little traditional drawing, some digital painting and some digital collage.  It’s a little scattered which is how my brain is acting right now.  Yes! It’s time for a break.

SWAMP for Illustration Friday

3 thoughts on “SWAMP for Illustration Friday

  1. I totally totally know how you feel. I’m a high school teacher too (and our spring break is over). It can get very intense. This is a lovely image–a vacation on the page!

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