VOCAL for Illustration Friday

Several times a week I take my dog, Mike, for a walk on a trail that is part of Lake Chabot Regional Park here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It is our time to exercise, build up some vitamin D, and decompress from the stress of the day.  That last one is more for me than Mike.   Anyway, I often get lost in thought, day dreaming about all kinds of stuff.  We enjoy the people and dogs we meet along the way. There is so much beauty on that trail. It seems that with every walk, there is some event or experience that calls to be illustrated.

With our last walk we came upon this guy at sunset with shoes off and arms raise in the most intense, focused prayer.  While he was silent, his whole body was vocal in his communion with a greater power. I wish I could have captured his express more so that you could see what I saw.  I was tempted to join him and bask in the glory of the moment; feeling the life that surrounded us. But, I would have hated to disturb his moment of connection.

Whether by actual voice or intent, connection is what we again when we are vocal. What is an echo but a reverberation across space and time that says , “I’m here,” and waits for the reply, “I hear you.”  And, so is a prayer.

VOCAL for Illustration Friday

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