My students are going through a style shift, from gangsta baggy, droopy jeans  to skin tighties. For me it’s a great change.  The gangsta look, of having pants hang below the butt, couldn’t leave us behind too soon.   Every generation has it’s look, but this one was beyond me.  For the last few years I’ve watched high school students hobble themselves and try to walk the hallways holding their pants at the crotch with rolls of material gathered at their knees and ankles.  It’s been a struggle not to yell out, “HITCH ‘EM UP!”, every time one them entered the studio.

Unlike my illustration, my students don’t walk around with their derrieres flashing like taillights. They do, however, try to hide their baby cheeks with boxer shorts or a second layer of pants.  This doesn’t paint a better picture. I’ve worried about evacuation when our school of  4,000 students need to clear the building and these guys need to shuffle along.  They may think their “cool” until a real fire flicks a flame on their seat warmers.

On the back of the t-shirt it reads, “Style is my shame.”


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