Illustration Friday – Sight

Graduation is in sight! For my highs school students the energy level is up.  They are so close! And, it is so close for all of those who have had a hand in making this happen. We all are becoming light-hearted. Well, most of us are.

This year, because of a situation, I had to design the cover for the graduation program.  It’s something I prefer for one of my more gifted students to do.  But this year’s designated student had life get in her way, and she missed the deadline for printing.  It’s a real shame because she has a lot of talent that I wanted to share with our school’s community. I really want to help her fly into what I hope will be amazing journey for her as an artist.  However, some lessons are hard to learn; time management, commitment, and staying focused. I don’t know  if she see the situation in the same way as I, but I bet she is as disappointed.

If any illustrator or graphic designer has suggestions on how to help her as faces the real world,  please pass them on.

Here’s the back side of the program cover.

Illustration Friday – Sight

One thought on “Illustration Friday – Sight

  1. Really nice cover design, I love use of colour and the way the hand design is echoed on the back 😀

    Sorry hear about your student, she must be disappointed she missed the deadline. I think some people don’t take real world responsibilities, like making commitments and meetings deadlines, seriously until they’ve left the realtive safety of the school environment but, once they’re out there, they adapt quite quickly. I know things feel different when you have a real boss or client to please and your career (and paycheck!!) depend on you taking things seriously and getting things done.

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