Fade Into the Background for IF

Happy mistakes are a grand thing.  You start out with one idea, and then a slip of the pen sends you down another path.

I thought I’d do a piece about fading hair dye since I see so much of it at work. Blonde hair dyed bright red fades so lovely.  One of my students ended up with a beautiful shade of strawberry  blonde.  I’ve seen blue fade into a very  cool aqua green before the student did another dye job. Gothic black doesn’t grow out so well especially on light-colored hair; kind of end up with an inverted skunk look.

Well, that had been my intent. I didn’t think it was a strong concept. Then as I was working on the contour of the reflected head of spiked hair my pen had its own ideas.  It made the head so distorted I could only save it by turning into a martian.  So faded into the background are some of his friends.  I don’t know for sure, but I think they are having a better time than the people in the foreground.  I know I had more fun drawing the piece after my pen had it’s say.

Fade Into the Background for IF

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