Skull or Day of the Dead

SkullRecently I have reconnected with a student from my earlier days as an art teacher.  And, I do mean early!  Maybe 25 or more years ago was the last time I saw him. What a surprise to find that he had earned his master degree in theater arts and is still living near by.

Teachers have an odd job. They rarely see the final product of their work.   During the school year, we see sparks of possibilities in every student.  Students graduate, and we don’t keep in touch but with a few. We’re left wondering “whatever happened to…”  “Did he (or she) use the talents that were so apparent?” The ones that struggle, that work the hardest, always leave a mark on our hearts.

So soon I’ll have some answers.  The student, that is now a man, asked me via email to submit a  piece for a Day of the Dead show in our town’s new historical societies’ building.  A show that he is curating.  When we meet at the show,  I’ll get to here about his journey from my classroom to now.  What an adventure it must have been!

Skull or Day of the Dead

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