WINGS for Illusration Friday

togetherWEB Wings—
To fly
To carry you
Beyond the everyday
To places yet unknown With hopes
That something new And miraculous
Will happen.

Mysteries abound
If only you are open
And willing to quiet
That ceaseless voice

There’s another voice
To guide you where
Truly belong.

Listen—And fly…

WINGS for Illusration Friday

Space for IF

There is this question that is asked to see if someone is an optimistic or a pessimistic. Is the cup half empty or half full?  I don’t like the question.  Maybe it’s because I waver between the two points of view.  Sometimes the world is good. Sometimes it’s not.  Time changes one’s outlook on life. In fact, at this time in my life, I know that the cup is never empty because it is always full of space. It is space that allows the flow from full to empty and back again.   Space that reassures me that there is room for that inevitable change that will come. All I have to do it look at the lives that came before me to know this. I can see the ebb and flow of it in all my  ancestors lives.  So I am neither a optimist or pessimist.  I am the space between the two.
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Space for IF