Tension for Illustration Friday


















Tension? Let me tell you about tension.

Graduation angst is all over the faces of my high school seniors.  Like deer caught in the headlights, they see the near future rushing towards them, and it is finally hitting them that life is about to change.  They’re experiencing the tension of leaving that safe forest of daily school routine and taking those tentative steps of crossing the highway of life into adult hood. Being part of the lucky class of 2013 might be adding to the tension.

The piece above is actually my example for my students final art project.  The theme is facades, and they have all the PhotoShop skills they’ve gained this year to use to make their pieces.  I’m excited to see what their interpretations will become.

I’m finding that I really like working in pencil, and then scanning that drawing into Photoshop.  Sometime I begin directly in PhotoShop, but after teaching how to use the program all day, I really miss the feel of traditional media. To be able to combine the two is so freeing as I can manipulate my drawings endless with no fear of corrupting the original.

Tension for Illustration Friday